ахн реплюк еннд

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ахн реплюк еннд   ахн реплюк еннд

Tile stove- the classic perfection

It is not coincidence that almost in every house in Austria there is a tile stove. This means that this heating device has proven its advantages through the centuries with its economy, comfort, uniformity of temperature field and others. More about their history and principle can be found in our website. In the form in which we see them today, they began to build tile stoves around the thirteenth century. Since then only their appearance has changed. Due to advanced technology, the tiles now offered have a wider colour range and variety of surfaces with a more complex and delicate shapes. The latter is not entirely true, in the region of Salzburg, and in many other places- in palaces or ordinary houses- such masterpieces from centuries ago could be seen, that can stop your breath. For shaping the "inner skin" √ chimneys, so far the classic materials are used. Because of its weight and the long way the flue gases go, tile stoves accumulate almost completely the heat from burning wood. Efficiency for calculation is at least 87% - a fantastic figure against the fireplace, holding only 15 - 30%. Stove transfers heat at a relatively low surface temperature for 12 to 24 hours after the ignition. Research shows that the spectrum of the radiation from the tile stove surface is very close to the sun and creates a feeling of  comfort. Do not ignore the fact that through ceramics the beneficial negative ions pass into the room, which can not be said for metal heaters.

In Bulgaria they began building tile stoves mainly after the Liberation.

Most are built in the old center of Sofia, Rousse, Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech region.

With the introduction of the cheapest central heating during the socialism the majority of stoves are neglected, destroyed or left to time to decide their fate.

Nowadays, with changing situation in central heating and fuel prices, more and more owners of stoves want them repaired so that they can use their advantages.

Separately, each stove is unique not only in its external design, which is made according to the aesthetic vision of the owner, but with the interior disposition of chimneys made according to the ideas of the builder. You could see also stoves with cylindrical ceramic tubes and those without tiles- only mortar. Whatever the specific shape is, in the west there is a common opinion that the tile stove, except being a heater, is a work of art and increases the value of the house with its own value.

ахн реплюк еннд   ахн реплюк еннд
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