ахн реплюк еннд

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ахн реплюк еннд   ахн реплюк еннд

Why pellets?

Pellets are a relatively new product, rapidly entering the market of fuels for several years. They consist of molded under very high pressure wood particles, normally waste from the wood industry. Pellets do not contain / or contain hardly / adhesives. Thus pressed pellets have a low moisture content, less than 8% and a caloric value as that of the coal, but do not contain most of their harmful ingredients. They are divided into classes according to the moisture content and quality of input material. The following major features have led to their rapid uptake as prospective fuel:

  • The cost of heating with pellets is comparable to that of wood and much lower than liquid fuels and electricity.
  • The product is well-packed in plastic bags, allowing his pure transport and storage as well as ease of loading hoppers of the stoves.
  • Has one of the essential qualities of modern fuels- it is a subject of automation. Stoves dose it automatically and this allows programmable lighting and stopping, keeping the set temperature, remote ignition of the stove through GSM modem and other modern functions.
  • High calorific fuel- does not take a lot of room for storage.
  • Using quality pellets allows the efficiency of the modern devices for burning to  go over 90%.
  • Almost no fumes. It looks like a slight haze, during ignition it smokes only for seconds. This allows, if there is absence of a chimney, to go with the flue pipe directly outside through the wall.
  • The stove / boiler / requires much less maintenance than the one working with wood or coal. It must be charged regularly and in a few days or a week / depending on the quality of the pellets and boiler / be cleaned.
  • If there is a reasonable government policy on forests, pellets are green energy-forest can recover within a normal human lifetime under certain conditions. No pollution, when burnt, the wood  releases what is absorbed by the tree during its growth.
  • Contains almost no sulfur, can be used in urban and densely populated areas without problems for neighbors.

The above is far from covering all the advantages of pellets. It is important to know that the use of lower class of pellets  does not result in savings, it is on account of the fall of the efficiency of the boiler, worsening its work and making it need frequent cleaning.

ахн реплюк еннд   ахн реплюк еннд
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