ахн реплюк еннд

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ахн реплюк еннд   ахн реплюк еннд

The products of the Italian manufacturer KLOVER cover the full range of possible options for wood and pellet heating appliances. If we divide them conditionally by location, we'd get the following:

Living room appliances - Here we have self standing wood or pellets stoves or combinations of both types of fuel. Fireplace inserts for wood and pellets with water jacket are also produced. The self standing pellet stoves are with or without a water jacket, starting from the cleaner models without a water jacket from the DEA series, and get to BELVEDERE water jacket models with double ceramic glass, some models with a fan for hot air.

Particular attention is paid to the combined wood and pellet stoves, which are two stoves in one body under common control unit. All KLOVER products have a very high efficiency, some of them, for example wood stoves, being among the highest at all.

Kitchen stoves /cookers/ - These appliances are the emblematic of the manufacturer, there are wood or pellet variants, with or without oven, with different options and colors, with ceramics, inox or metal in different colors. The models have a modern or rustic design and have been awarded international awards such as DESIGN PLUS. Among the most popular are the SMART series, the BT version being the traditional English design.

Boiler room appliances - here are boilers for wood, pellets, as well as a combined version of the two fuels.

Appliances for sauna and Russian bath - specific stoves specially designed  for the needs of these rooms. They allow charging from a room outside the sauna and have a filling and special stone coating to allow them to create steam and heat.

You can see the detailed description and technical data of the products on the manufacturer's website from HERE

ахн реплюк еннд   ахн реплюк еннд
Pellet fireplace insert
  Pellet stove DEA Plus
KLOVER pellet stove
DUAL combined wood and pellet stove
Pellet boiler 35

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